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Take the #TCOT Challenge

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Senators quaked when OOO-oval office occupant threatened that failure to act and act now would turn crisis into catastrophe. All of us could see real concern on his face.

#TCOT took him at his word. Catastrophe was imminent and we had to stop it! Phones melted at the Capitol and District offices all over the country. When phones were unanswered or busy, and mailboxes were full, we turned to fax machines. When those shut down, someone provided the private emails for senate offices.

Well, now it’s up to three Republican Turncoats, I mean Senators (Maine’s Collins and Snowe and Pennsylvania’s Specter.) Ever heard that old saying, the Devil’s in the details? Well, as of mid-afternoon today, the latest version of the “stimulus” is $805B and includes facts which may obscure the real pork. (NumbersUSA says it provides jobs for illegal aliens.)

Senator Collins was standing way too close to the Dem chow line when she said that Porkulus “will really help create jobs and turn our economy around.” Wonder if the folks from Maine believed her?

I doubt it. My hubby’s from Maine and pretty savvy and very thrifty. Talk about tight purse strings – this guy scours parking lots for pennies or dimes folks may have dropped! (Hey, they add up.)

Well, back to task: Don’t say we didn’t warn you, Senator Collins. Your own constituents in Maine, at this very moment, are taking The #TCOT Challenge. But don’t fret – we’ll let you know what they tell us (and probably the media too.)

The #TCOT Plan to cut all income taxes in half for all of 2009 will create jobs and turn the economy around. What would your family do with the $$?  Think about it. I think almost everyone will say they know Porkulus won’t create jobs or help them pay off debts.

Senator, I urge you, while you still have loyal supporters in Maine, promise to VOTE NO on PORKULUS Monday.

Disclaimer: #TCOT Challenge is not limited to folks in Maine or Pennsylvania; anyone can take it. But if you have family or friends in those states, ask them what they’d do with the $$.

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Filibuster, no compromise message from #TCOT

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Remember those words “hope over fear?” Merely two weeks later, the new suit in the oval office, threatens: failure to act and act now will turn crisis into catastrophe. Side note, he’s talking about voting yes on what is affectionately termed Porkulus.

He wanted to make sure Senators knew there’s an economy to save for all of us suckers out here in the heartland while they debate their version of “stimulating” the economy, which will be pouring kerosene on the pyre.

A few days ago, I joined a very active group Top Conservatives on Twitter (TCOT.) Here’s a message:

#TCOT to Senate Republicans: filibuster now! No compromise! Blog it, Fax it, Phone it Tweet it, Email it!

Tweet? See why Bud Kennedy says Republicans are all a-Twitter in this Fort Worth Telegram article.

#TCOT wants the Senate to stop this nonsense. Now!

Maybe we’ll trust them with the economy when they learn simple arithmetic.

Meanwhile there’s a feeding frenzy at the trough among dozens of lobbyists with applications to prowl around congressional hallways. Their efforts will focus on, what else? The stimulus package.

Meanwhile, here in North Texas, taxpayers should be on alert.

Dallas News, February 6: Trinity Parkway could cost close to $1B more than the North Texas Tollway Authority can afford to pay to build it. (That B stands for billion, and it should come as no surprise to any of us.)

NTTA has only about $400 million to contribute. City of Dallas? No more than $84M; meanwhile NTTA has a 2014 deadline to complete this 10 mile bridge across the bottomland of the Trinity River.

Dallas Mayor Leppert says not to worry; there are “a lot of buckets of funding to dip into.”

Sorry, Grandkids, my generation is leaving a mess for you to clean up.

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What’s in that Porkulus Package?

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While the “Pessimist in Chief” tries to instill fear in the hearts and minds of America, folks better take a good look at what is included in this ridiculous legislation. Get the real scoop here at my favorite report (better than Drudge!)

Surely you’re not still depending on the big box and the talking heads for your news. The Heritage Foundation and Rasmussen reports have details.

That’s the national nightmare!

Here in Texas, we’ve tightened our belts and need to remind our Legislators that they need to cut and not inflate budgets.  Thanks to my good friend Michael Sullivan at Texans for Fiscal Responsibiblity for pointing this one out to me:

“Texas is historically a red state but we’re in danger of becoming a state in the red if Republicans don’t govern with the conservative principles on which they were elected…’Representative Jim Pitts, R-Waxahachie has co-authored a H.C.R 29 with two Democrats from El Paso that would expand the reach of government by allowing Texas to apply for aid from the federal government through the U.S. House passed stimulus package.”

We need to be asking questions and demanding accountability from all levels of government, or there will be nothing but poverty in our grandkids’ futures.

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Full Court Press on Senate

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Competing with 13 million emails … one blog at a time. Turn TCOT loose to do its thing ….this Porkulus package needs to come off the BBQ and be dunked in the Potomac!

This just in from Texas GOP Chair Tina Benkiser:

Just last night, President Barack Obama put on the full-court press for the Democrat stimulus package.  In his interviews with each major network anchor, he called on Senators to support this almost $1 trillion plan.  Then his political committee sent an email to their list of over 13 million emails a few hours ago.

TCOT didn’t wait for the go-ahead, but it helps to know the enemy’s playbook …. we’re on it! Keep those phones, faxes and blogs on afterburner status…. Cook that squealer!

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Is Porkulus Squealing yet?

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Get involved on the website where TCOTreport meets Drudge

Join Twitter (follow @jmciver)

Join TCOT (use #TCOT on tweets to help set the headlines on the TCOTreport today!)

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Defeating the Porkulous Package this week!

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Welcome to and my first blog here.  I want you to come visit often and help me get started.  But first a word from one of my friends on how to go after the stimulus package and help senators have some backbone and defeat this porkulous package!

What You Can Do About Matters

Prepare to melt the phones again in DC this week. Above all else, be polite. Passion is encouraged, foul language is not. Be aggressive, but not abusive.

Senate Phone/Fax numbers (with links to e-mail)

Sample phone script:

“Hello, my name is __________, and I am a member of a conservative social media group called Top Conservatives on Twitter. I’m calling today to find out how Senator _____ intends to vote on S. 1, the stimulus package. (write down and report back the response. If the answer is “Vote Yes”) I’d like to encourage him/her to vote against this piece of legislation because it is too large and will be ineffective in boosting the economy. I especially don’t like (the talking point of the day). Please let Senator ______ know that I would like for him to vote “NO” when this piece of legislation is offered.”

Sample fax/e-mail text (please copy and paste these to your e-mail):

To the Honorable Senator _________,

My name is ____________, and I am a member of a conservative social media group called Top Conservatives on Twitter.  I am writing today to ask you to vote against S. 1, the pork ladened stimulus bailout. This is a bill that is full of wasteful spending and will not effectively boost the economy. In its current form, the stimulus bill will be more expensive than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. It is a bill that is being marketed as an immediate response to a national emergency, but many economist have agreed that it will do nothing but prolong the recession. It reflects the “Christmas wish-list” of the Democrats most powerful interest groups more than the needs of the country. I urge you to keep the country’s best interest in mind, and not the desires of liberal interest groups, in mind as you vote against this bill.

Skype Tips:

Here is one other little treasure for you from my good friend @amishsteve. We are working on a special project for you on TCOTprojects to open up state networks for you (coming soon – stay tuned!) and thought this might help everyone on this project as well. Steve did this in one take and it is full of great information too. I say a star is born and thanks so much for making the video for us. I am pleased to introduce @Amishsteve for a few remarks on how to use Skype effectively:

Bottomline: Moveover Moveon, we’ve had enough porkulous for the liberal social agenda already. Now let’s make some calls this week and see if we can get out of debt not deeper in the proverbial excrement piling up around us.

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