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Will Teaparties Become a Trend for Fed-up Taxpayers?

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“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it, have never known it again.”                               [Ronald Reagan]

Reagan warned us that one of these days we could spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when men were free.  He said it would happen if we failed to believe in our capacity for self government and concede that a little band of intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives  better than we can plan them ourselves.

The greatest Revolution in the history of the world took place in our country. The Founding Fathers for the first time established the idea that we had within ourselves the God-given right to determine our own destiny.Yet here we are, barely two hundred years later, a short step away from having the government dictate every aspect of our lives. Freedom has never been so close to slipping away as it is at this moment in time.

How do we plan to explain that it happened on our watch to our grandchildren? I cannot face that prospect.

So I’m starting with a Tea Party on Tax Day. A few hundred of my friends will gather on the Courthouse steps to remind our  government that we can plan our own lives and take full responsibility for our Liberty.

Find information about a Tax Day Tea Party near you here and here

I heard there was quite a Tea Party in Orlando when about 4200 fed-up taxpayers showed up. Listen to Lloyd Marcus’ “Tea Party Anthem”  on this great video to get you in the mood.

Lyrics here:
American Tea Party by Lloyd Marcus, © 2009 ZEPHYRUS MUSIC, BMI

Mr President!
Your stimulus is sure to bust
Its just a socialistic scheme
The only thing it will do
Is kill the American Dream

You wanna take from achievers
Somehow you think that’s fair.
And redistribute to those folks
Who won’t get out of their easy chair.

We’re havin’ a tea party across this land
If you love this country
Come on and join our band
We’re standin’ up for freedom and liberty
Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain’t free

So when they call you a racist cause you disagree
It just another of their dirty tricks to silence you and me.
I believe in the Constitution and all it stands for.
Anyone who tramples it should be booted out the door.

We’re havin’ a tea party across this land
If you love this country
Come on and join our band
We’re standin’ up for freedom and liberty
Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain’t free

Now we’re not advocating violence
That’s what the so-called peace crowd do
We’re talkin’ peaceful protest to defend the red, white and blue

We gotta vote out these clowns who don’t love the USA
Who stay up late loosing sleep fearing what the French might say

We’re havin’ a tea party across this land
If you love this country
Come on and join our band
We’re standin’ up for freedom and liberty
Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain’t free

We’re havin’ a tea party across this land
If you love this country
Come on and join our band
We’re standin’ up for freedom and liberty
Cause patriots have shown us freedom ain’t free

Freedom ain’t free
(Stand up for America)
Freedom ain’t free
(Gotta take a stand)
Freedom ain’t free
(Mr Obama)
Freedom ain’t free
(we work hard for our money)
Freedom ain’t free
(Don’t give it away)
Freedom ain’t free
(Save the day)
Freedom ain’t free
(Don’t go givin’ it away)
Freedom ain’t free
(It ain’t gonna work)
Freedom ain’t free
(Give back our freedom)
Freedom ain’t free
(Give back our liberty)
Freedom ain’t free
(I love my country)
(fade out)

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Report from State Republican Executive Committee Meetings

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State Republican Executive Committee Report for March 2009:

Legislative Day at the Capitol for the State Republican Executive Committee focused on Voter ID legislation. The day began with breakfast and a members-only briefing with our Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Sen. Bob Duell and House Republican Caucus Chairman Rep. Larry Taylor.

Along with 150 County Chairmen and Republican Women, we attended Citizen Lobbyist Training presented by the Texas Federation of Republican Women, Texas Republican County Chairmen Association and the Republican Party of Texas. Check out the great Lobbying Tips and Republican Web Links we received.

SREC members had lunch in the House Members Lounge with Attorney General Greg Abbott. We had several hours to visit various legislators to encourage their support of the Voter ID bill. The Bill passed its first vote on March 11th and will pass in the Senate. It will be assigned to the House Elections Committee which is chaired by Rep. Todd Smith. We need to contact his office as well as the committee members to get passage. Also, if the bill is assigned to Calendars or State Affairs, those also will have to be lobbied.

We learned that even if we may not wish to testify on a measure, signing a “yellow” card in the Senate before entering the Gallery “In Favor Of” [or “in opposition to”] a measure helps show widespread “support” or “opposition” to their bills. Names on these cards are entered into the Record “in favor of” or “in opposition to” a measure. [The House has a similar process, but rather than Yellow Cards, the House uses paper slips which those “in favor of” or “in opposition to” sign upon entry.]

Our SREC members were very well received in most offices, although some Democrat legislators would not meet with non-constituents. Capitol hallways were crowded with some 300 Acorn members wearing “Stop Foreclosure” tee shirts.

We encourage you to review the Voter ID Facts and Talking Points provided by Senator Nelson. Share these facts and talking points with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to contact their legislators to urge support of Voter ID legislation.

Passing Voter ID legislation is probably the single most important action we can take to ensure our Republican future in the State of Texas.

Late in the afternoon, we had a tour of the Speaker’s apartment and time to visit personally with Speaker Straus. He seemed eager to hear from the SREC. We next went to a reception hosted by Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and he took time to visit with each of us. The evening’s dinner was provided by Governor Rick Perry (although he was not with us because he was touring Texas cities.)

Fridays are reserved for Committee meetings when the State Republican Executive Committee meets each quarter, and on Saturdays, we convene at 9 AM to hear reports from each Committee, budget briefing and consider old and new party business.

The Resolutions Committee presented the following resolutions which were adopted:

Resolution Opposing Local Option Transportation Fund Legislation
Resolution Supporting Republican Legislative Priorities
Resolution Opposing Expansion of Gaming in Texas
Resolution Supporting Rigorous Educational Standards for Science in Texas
Resolution in Appreciation of Speaker Tom Craddick
Resolution in Appreciation of President George Walker Bush
Resolution Congratulating Speaker Joe Straus

We hope you find this report informative and will welcome additional reports from SREC members. It is our desire to represent the voice of Senate District 12 with the Republican Party of Texas. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can best serve you.

Jean McIver and Tom Quinones
State Republican Executive Committee for Senate District 12

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Do You Want Obama, Reid and Pelosi Running Texas?

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Accepting federal stimulus dollars for unemployment involves long-term funding and a big expansion of government – including new classes of government coverage.

The strings of the Stimulus $$ cost more than the benefit to be derived. Bottom line: it mandates extending, expanding, long-term taxes on employers.

The last thing we need is the federal government coming to Texas and making demands before they send our hard-earned dollars back to us!

What our legislators assigned with the task of deciphering the 1100+ pages of ambiguity in the stimulus bill are finding is that accepting the unemployment stimulus would give us a $75 million per year liability which would continue long after the stimulus runs out. When Texas legislators phone DC to ask questions, they are told that the “rules are still being written!”

An example of excess in the bill is the “weatherization” program: Texas already has funding for weatherizing homes for impoverished Texans. But the Stimulus calls for $260 million for weatherizing Texas homes — 20% ($5.2 million!!!) of which is to be used for training people to “weatherize” – (Is that not idiotic?)

The government has no money of its own, only what it takes from the taxpayers.

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Texas Action Alert for March 10th

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Senate Bill 362, requiring Photo Identification to Vote, will be heard before the Committee of the Whole Senate on Tuesday, March 10. This is one of the best chances we will have to let our voices be heard concerning the issue of voter identification.

Here’s what we can do:

1 – Show up on the South Side of the Texas Capitol at 7:45am on Tuesday.

2 – Wear RED!! 

3 – Show up early in order to go through security for the gallery in the Senate chamber.

4 – Be prepared to testify in favor of SB 362. If you are willing to testify in front of the committee, contact Eric Opiela at You can also sign in at the committee hearing as “in favor” of SB 362 without having to actually testify.

5 – If you cannot attend on Tuesday, you can submit written testimony that will be handed in to the committee. Please forward it to Eric Opiela at

6 – Call your state senator and urge him or her to support SB 362. Contact information can be found here:

This is an issue that many citizens of Texas, regardless of ideology, very strongly support.

Even if you have never testified before a legislative committee, please come out and support Voter ID by joining your fellow Texans at the Capitol on Tuesday, March 10 at 7:45am. 

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It may be more than I’m willing to pay

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What is happening to our freedoms? Not only have we the taxpayers been burdened with the largest spending bill in the history of the U.S., apparently we’re going to be nickled and dimed by retailers for what’s left in our pockets.

“Paper or plastic?” Sounds familiar. But a couple of shopping bag regulations would remove that option and sock it to  consumers.  You can read the full story here.

You’ll find me in the grocery line marked “10 items or less” which is the maximum number of items I can carry out of the store, in my hot little hands – without a bag (plastic or otherwise!)

One of those items will be a large box of tea bags for my next Teaparty.  I’ll send you an invitation a few days before April 15th (when the Tax Man Cometh).

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