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Voter ID Bill “Imminent”

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According to the latest Quorum Report:
“With Voter ID language “imminent” House GOP caucus restates core principles.”

52 Republicans say there are four key principles they consider acceptable in Voter ID language:

1. Ensure a valid photo identification is needed to vote
2. Take effect at the next possible uniform election date
3. Be free of any registration requirements such as same day voter registration that dilutes the intent of the bill, which is ensuring fair and accurate elections.
4. Increase criminal penalties for voter fraud and registration.

The Republicans draw the line at any effort to expand participation by moving registration closer to early voting or election day.

The Republican Party of Texas press release and current list of signators can be found here.

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On the Ground Report of KSKY’s “Obama’s 100 Days”

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Notes from last night’s KSKY’s “Obama’s 100 Days” Kickoff tour featuring national figures:

Mike Gallagher, Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved; Gov. Rick Perry was the moderator. The Austin Statesman had an earlier podcast and other news sources covered; here’s my on-the-ground report (edited version!):

Newstalk KSKY’s kickoff of Obama First 100 Days tour with:
Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt; Texas Governor Rick Perry served as panel moderator.

Life and Liberty Coalition, Investors Business Daily, and Salem Communications hosted the event in Garland, Texas.

Gov. Perry led off the evening with an:
Objective assessment of Obama’s 1st 100 days – these are not partisan measurements of the first 100 days of policy decisions.

Are we ready for DC to take over country? Business owner, to fire you or wreck your biz?
New area of bipartisanship?

If youu live in Texas, these have to be important questions.

Founders principles are just as important and just as sound as ever.
Our recent Teaparties are a good example we are exercising our First Amendment rights!

Panelists and hosts honor us by being here
Michael Medved (MM)
Hugh Hewitt (HH)
Mike Gallagher (MG)

1st ?
BHO promised xparency and ethics; have we seen this so far?
MG: Least transparent administration yet; daily calls to control news; Rahm keeps score,
controlling agenda; natl chain of command on swine flu
MM goal-cap n trade, fed education, natl health care are all attempts to erase differences;
HH – daily Bush bashing; tax cuts used for health care to be passed w/ only 50 votes

Has BHO done anything you can support?
MG: Rescue of sea capt; principled govs who said no
MM: he actually said Tax on pirates, not attack pirates.
Changing college bowl sys
HH – follow Petreus; Michelle following good example set by Laura Bush??

Assessing Homeland’s Napolitano? called all terrorists who support states rights, guns, prolife
MG: train wreck; last thing she wants to do is close the border; confused on Canada border
.MM – outrageous memo to law enforcement; antagonist to admin – criiminalizing disareement w admin;
HH: Governor Perry, what was she like in the govs club? – RP:surprising after having worked w her; she has trbl managing the dept

What about BHO disclosing top-secret docs in spite of all advice?; seeming vendetta of Bush; is
he playing to radical left;
MG; Evolving positions; Patriots have been demonized
MM: what would jesus do (what would Barrack do?) Or what would Bush or anyone do – The question to ask when dealing w/ natl security – does it make America safer? He is passing the buck on this and every other decision
HH: was formerly w/ DOJ – suggests we read Legacy of Ashes
It is imp that we get info out on intelligence

Obama called “Arrogant” our past intl relations?
HH – BHO reflects philosophy because he isn’t comfortable w love of America; but will Cuba fix swine flu?
MM – how do we win again? Only Dems are not on board
MG: consider how he bowed to King Abdulla; now trying to explain it away. Cannot mistake photo evidence of his very low bow to King.

Tea Parties:
HH: what do we need to do next? More and organized to be effective in 2010 campaigns; but we will see more attacks on talk radio; join TalkPac
MM: reminded of our history and the Patriots; revolution series; both VA and NJ have gov races they need a revolution! If we win those races we change much
MG: about championing liberty; despite the millions at the Tea Parties, nothing went wrong and
there were no riots; there were young people and that is exciting; Predict July 4 will be huge

Big spending and more govt; do you want BHO’s plan to fail?
MM: bigger givt means less liberty. Medved believes Bush did right thing to prevent banking system by govt loan vs permanent ownership of banking; Restructuring of health care and morality will be economic collapse
MG: freemarket is good for america- failure is part of the process but BHO thinks big govt is answer; he chooses partial birth abortiion; so in that respect, I don’t want his policies to win
HH: As Gov. Jindahl says: it depends on what he’s doing. Desroying healthcare system cannot be easily undone. And doctors will not stay in the field; we need 10 Democrats in senate who want to save healthcare.

New or higher taxes and cap-n-trade – which is worse?
MM: Cap-n-trade on cost of electricity is very damaging; sin taxes are least obnoxious; working and saving are good for people; punishing success destroys it; we want something to pass on to our families; most vicious tax is inheritance tax; it is evil!
HH: taxes will be good for Texas; taxes change behavior; people will come and bring productivity and jobs; no corp. Tax; if Michigan adopted TX policies they would prosper
MG: penalizing success and taxing the fat cats by BHO is unAmerican

?s from audience:
What about Term limits?
MG: iF you have term limits bureaucrats run the show; if they don’t do a good job vote them ouT; HH: whatever CA does, do the opposite!

Question from AZ physician – flu syndrome; excuse to make an issue and is it a smokescreen?
HH: believes it is much worse than we are hearing from Mex
MG: never let a crisis go to waste; use this for natl health care
MM: we have a bad news biz in America

JudeoChristian foundation of our country: what can we do to encourage?
HH: churches are afraid of politics; they should equip generation to be good citizens;
MM: this has been a secular govt and deeply Christian nation; best place in world for Jewish people;
MG: loss of wife Denise in June, prayers from all over; because of power of prayer that was expressed on the air; we need to pray for America

Gay marriage in Iowa; how can we stop it?
MG: It is not about gay marriage we have allowed the left to set the agenda; it is about changing one man and one woman in marriage;
HH: there needs to be defense of 10th Amendment-build the wall thru legal means;
MM: as this continues, there will not be a unanimous religious ruling; it is banning interracial unions and there will be attempts to get churches to perdform same sex marriages; it is a question
of religious liberty

Jean McIver – Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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Tea Party Afterthoughts

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Ready to give up? Didn’t think so. Neither am I! We’ll Tea Party on until there is real change; meanwhile, we’re educating our neighbors and fortifying our ranks until the next time.

Almost daily another atrocity is heaped on the mounting hill of attempts to scrap our Freedom, burying us deeper in debt. As long as there are Patriots among us, though, we’ll not give up.

When I received this in an email, I had an immediate mental flash:  a deep hole with a bucket sitting in the bottom; in walks Mr. Tax-and-Fix-It.

Sir Winston Churchill said, many years ago.

I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” — Winston Churchill

(I guess our current Oval Office Occupier didn’t study Churchillian history! I don’t suppose he’s done much digging either … some shoveling, maybe, because the mess he’s making is getting pretty deep!)

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Had Enough Yet?

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My good friend, Sandie Crosnoe, shares little gems for conservative activists. Her “Had Enough Yet?” was just posted and I’m sharing it with you here:

“Are you concerned about the government creating money out of thin air? Worried what it will do to our economy and your savings? Concerned that it means higher taxes and a lower standard of living for our children and grandchildren?

We continue to pay our taxes, making do with less. Yet the politicians in Washington DC continue to spend our money like there is no tomorrow. Why should we let someone else control our money without holding them accountable?

The talking heads keep giving us the same explanation, yet something does not quite make sense. The real questions are never answered or even asked. Questions like: Who earns interest on a Federal Reserve Note? Does Congress audit the Fed? Should our taxes be given to a privately held corporation? Should an insolvent corporation be bailed out with our tax money?

Things are not okay in Washington. The ruling class is out of touch with us, their constituents. We need real change and we need it now. We need to stop filling the banksters’ coffers.

The income tax was only created to pay the interest to the banksters for money they lent to our government. We can wait forever for the media to start telling the truth, but by going to you can have the answers now. Read more about the Fed in The Creature From Jekyll Island.

Tell your Congressman and Senator to support the “Audit The Federal Reserve Board Act.”‘

To get involved now, follow @scrosnoe on twitter.

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Dear Washington, We want our America back!

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Washington’s motto is, “If it moves, tax it!” Government takes our wages by extortion, and we have no say in how the money is spent.

But we must admit it; we the people bear some of the blame. We have not held our elected officials accountable. We have just re-elected them time and again, bad vote after bad vote. We must remember that we can vote them out, and we need to let them know we are not going to give them another chance. It is time for us to take back America!

We have had enough! We are telling the government, you cannot come back and take more and more money from us. You cannot make our grandchildren pay for this. We have had enough!

This is not about the Republicans or Democrats. It is not politics; it is common sense.

We are not alone. Millions more across America are as frustrated as we are and want to see accountability and a return to fiscal responsibility by our elected leaders.

At least 67% of Americans were against the bailout bill, yet our Senators voted for it anyway. We could hardly believe the 1,000-page spending bill that came to be called Porkulus was actually voted for by a Senate who did not read it before it was hurriedly rushed to a vote. And we were furious! Folks in a few areas held protest rallies, serving roasted pigs, pork barbecue and a bellyful of complaints against government spending.

The protest movement began when a handful of online friends started talking about how we could show Washington we are not content with the way they are spending our tax dollars. Some 50 spontaneous tea parties were held across the country in February and more and more people began chatting online, blogging and Twittering, and talking offline. From that initial internet gathering, the Tea Party Movement has grown to the Tax Day Tea Parties on April 15th.

Although there are national organizations talking about these Tea Parties, and websites promoting them, the actual organization and planning is taking place in local communities–in over 1500 cities so far–in about 40 cities across Texas and in every other state in the U.S. In some of the larger cities like Houston, crowds are expected to top 5,000.

Whether through mass demonstration or smaller gatherings at local post offices, Wednesday, April 15 (Tax Day) is the significant date for the protests.

We are demonstrating our outrage against the arrogant, elitist, completely unrepresentative government that refuses to accept the will of the people as guidance for our own governance.

This is not a one-time gathering, it is just the beginning, and we will not quit until our Republic is restored. We want our America back!

Join me on Wednesday, April 15. Let’s Tea Party! I’ll be on the Courthouse Square in Denton, Texas, at 6 PM. Bring your homemade signs, flags, fifes and drums. Bring YOUR AMERICAN SPIRIT!

Here in my part of the world, we have a message for Washington: Don’t Mess with Texas!

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